Aids Required: 

  • Hydrofloss (has a magnet so more effective) or Waterpik Aquarius
  • Pik pocket tip on setting 2 (no higher than 4 with pik pocket tip)
  • Electric toothbrush strongly recommended (use code GA6GBH at for 40% off)
  • Dental floss (preferably a non-teflon floss like Listerine Ultraclean, no Glide)
  • SIMPLY SILVER MOUTHWASH 3 bottles needed (MINT preferred)

    • Do NOT dilute the mint (cinnamon can be diluted 50:50)
    • In morning, brush teeth. Shake well, then take 1 capful and swish/gargle for 30 seconds and expectorate. Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes. This allows the Dragon’s Blood and colloidal silver to be very effective.
    • In evening, floss, brush, fill Hydrofloss /Waterpik tank to 200 ml with undiluted SSM and hang head over the sink. Lightly close lips over the tip so it does not splatter. Use pik pocket tip (touching the gum tissue at a 90 degree angle) making an M-shape on the top teeth and a U-shape on the bottom. Spend 5 seconds on back teeth, 3 seconds on front. Use 2 full bottles then on the third bottle, you can use 1 capful in the morning and 2 capfuls in the Waterpik tank with 200 ml distilled or purified water and use nightly.
    • Get your teeth cleaned by a dental professional quarterly as your oral microbiome changes every 70-80 days. 
    • Bacterial cultures/genetic marker test can be purchased here.   If positive for parasites on bacterial culture, a regimen of ParaSmart by RenewLife 15-day Targeted Cleanse for 10-12 days is suggested.  Another option is taking Artemisinin as it's a natural antibiotic.  Taking a probiotic is essential to killing the bad bacteria and balancing out the microbiome.  I recommend the Probiora brand of probiotics.  There is also some early research on the benefits of red light therapy; you can purchase them on Amazon.

      In addition, Oreganol for 10 days, 3 times a day with meals is also recommended. Garlic and Vitamin C 1000-2000 mg a plus.  Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease so reducing inflammation overall is key.  As with any supplement regimen, consult your physician prior.