The Boogie

The Boogie

So today, I had an elderly gentleman patient that had an interesting cologne. It was called B.O. Galore! Mind you I’m already put-off by this odoriferous scent, I seat him in my chair and proceed to ask him the usual questions. As I lay him back and start to work on his teeth, he reaches up to “scratch” his nose. Needless to say, a GIANT boogie the size of the man’s nostril falls right under his nose and above his lip. Now I know you might be surprised to find out that this is absolutely disgusting to me! Yes, I’m a DENTAL hygienist. No, I’m not a nasal one! Look folks, I can handle anything INSIDE the mouth but take it outside and I’m totally grossed out

As I sat stunned for a second, determining my next step, I was trying not to gag.  Was I to simply blow it into oblivion with my air/water syringe, tell the patient he had a giant boogie crater on his face, ignore the mucous blob? I had to regather myself.  So, I told him that I needed to look at his x-rays and pushed my chair away from him, silently praying that it would be gone when I turned around.

When I got my composure back and turned back around, I was surprised to see it laying on my gauze that I had placed on his bib.  That means HE KNEW it was there and left me the surprise on the gauze.  Really?  I cautiously proceeded to take an instrument and gently remove the gauze off of his chest onto the tray lying FACE DOWN! 

 So, the next time you have a dental appointment, PLEASE check your bat cave for bats! 

A public service announcement from Heather the hygienist

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