Say goodbye to stanky breath

Say goodbye to stanky breath

Come on...admit it...we've all encountered THAT person who has stanky breath.  You want to say something but hesitate because you don't want to offend them.  Trust me...I know.  I've encountered many forms of stank breath over the years.  There is the mildly offensive bad breath, the middle of the road "get away from me" breath, and then there's the OMG what died in your mouth, death breath, as I call it.  So, what's the cause of this pesky odor?  Can you say volatile sulfur compounds?   Volatile sulfur compounds (VSC's) are caused as a result of sulfur by-products excreted as waste by oral bacteria.  Think mouth poop, and it's their presence in our breath that we detect as "bad" breath.  Some of these compounds that are responsible for the odors are listed below:

  • Cadaverine - Urine, decaying meat (thinking about becoming vegan!)

  • Pyridine - Unpleasant fish-like odor (don't really care for fish)

  • Putrescine - Rotting meat (totally not hungry right now)

  • Skatole and Indole - Human fecal matter (yep...poop)

  • Butyric acid - Human vomit (lovely)

  • Proprionic and Isovaleric acid - Sweat and sweaty feet (nice)

 This wonderful mix of stinky compounds are found in everyone, no one is an exception. Thank goodness at low levels they can't be detected by the human nose.  Only when their levels become elevated can others smell them.  This bacteria is called "anaerobic" bacteria and it's nasty stuff.  If you don't think flossing is important, then I would suggest not flossing for a few days and then smell what comes out on the floss when you do--it's gross.  These VSC's are also on the tongue which is a huge breeding ground for bacteria.   Simply Silver Mouthwash kills ALL the bacteria in your mouth that are harmful, but doesn't disrupt anything good.   If you don't want to offend, but mend your relationships with the fresh-breath challenged...then I would recommend buying them a bottle of Simply Silver Mouthwash and tell them...Simply Silver....simply smile!  

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