Getting to the Root Cause: OralDNA® Testing and Natural Products that Help

Getting to the Root Cause: OralDNA® Testing and Natural Products that Help

As a practicing dental hygienist for over 25 years, I’ve been asked countless times what causes gum disease and what are the best products to use that actually help. This is a fantastic question, and I am so happy that technology has advanced enough to give patients a full understanding of the root cause of periodontal disease. We now know that there are primarily 11 microbes that cause periodontal disease. Knowing which bugs are present allows me to come up with an individualized oral care plan that can aid my clients on the road to health, free from active gum disease.

Gum disease affects over 70% of Americans and dental decay is the number one disease in the world. Since this is such a vast amount of the population, you would think people would be more concerned that they may have “head rot” but sadly, too many people disassociate their teeth from the rest of their body.

My goal is to educate people on the importance of oral care because true health always starts with the mouth. Generally, consumers today are conscious of needing to exercise more, eat healthy and go organic but often times “clean” oral care products are overlooked.

That’s why I created an all-natural line of oral care products that are not only clean and green, but safe and effective as well. I offer 2 lines of colloidal silver-based products to address the issues I hear about on a daily basis: sensitive teeth, bleeding gums and recurrent decay. The original mint mouthwash (cinnamon flavor too) contains an ingredient from the Amazon rain forest called raw Croton Lechleri sap (aka Dragon’s Blood). This sap has over 50 different scientific studies1 on reducing inflammation2,3, wound healing, blood coagulation and is currently approved by the FDA as an anti-diarrheal treatment when taken internally4,5. This is a very medicinal mouthwash so a little goes a long way. When treating bacteria that is “over-threshold,” shown as above the black Reference Line on an OralDNA® Labs’ MyPerioPath® report, I recommend using 2 capfuls in an oral water irrigator reservoir nightly and using ½-1 capful as a swish in the morning. For best results, wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking.

Colloidal silver is an excellent base, unlike alcohol which disrupts the oral microbiome6,7,8. Colloidal silver kills only the bad bugs and not the good so it will not create a breeding ground for that nasty bacteria to colonize. There are also ingredients like CoQ10, myrrh, tea tree and black walnut hull to help not only reduce the bad bacteria and neutralize acids, but help eliminate bad breath with long staying power.

Our spearmint line of products contains nano hydroxyapatite (nHAp), which was created by NASA, and is a fantastic alternative to fluoride-based products. Science has shown that nHAp is just as effective at remineralizing enamel as any fluoride toothpaste on the market9,10,11. Since nHAp is bio-identical to enamel, it is non-toxic, and it will also not disrupt the oral microbiome. All of our products are pH balanced and contain natural ingredients such as coconut oil, Himalayan salt and xylitol, that encourage a healthy mouth and healthy teeth.

Our toothpastes are some of the lowest RDA values on the mainstream market. The mint and cinnamon both have an RDA value of 49 and the spearmint has a 59. Too many products contain ingredients that are harsh on enamel, creating receding gums and sensitive teeth. Our toothpaste is formulated with Arginine12, scientifically proven to reduce dentinal sensitivity and nano hydroxyapatite, to strengthen weakened enamel and both contain baking soda as a natural whitening agent.

I hope you give our products a try and see what a difference Simply Silver can do for you. Used in combination with testing, such as OralDNA® Labs, consumers now have the opportunity to treat and monitor the root cause of periodontal disease and live a happy, healthy life. Just remember…Simply Silver…simply smile!


Keep smiling!

Heather the Hygienist


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