Did you know your teeth are directly related to your organs?

Did you know your teeth are directly related to your organs?

I wish I had a dollar for every time a patient would tell me that they wished they'd taken better care of their teeth--I would be a rich woman right now!  Instead, too many times, people tend to disassociate their teeth with the rest of their body and just tell their dentist to pull them all.  Later on, after the realization that NOTHING replaces their natural teeth, the patient is often discouraged with how they look, feel and taste food.  Dentures are a whole nother set of problems. 

If you had a problem with your arm, would you be so quick as to say "amputate it?"  I would hope not, yet that's exactly what people do with their teeth.  They amputate living teeth and are then left with the after-effects of poor nutrition and a host of other problems.  Your teeth are directly related to organs in your body.  So think about what happens when one of the them is either removed or has a root canal (dead tissue) in your body.  We may live older as a society overall, but are we truly healthy?

True health STARTS with your mouth so if you have disease, aka gingivitis, periodontal disease or even missing teeth, then what STATE of health are you in?  For example, if you are having stomach problems, it could be coming from your teeth numbers 2,3,5,12,14,15,20,21,28, and 29. Your mouth is the portal to your body.  Here is a link to the tooth meridian chart that Dr. Ron Dressler uses on his website https://meridiantoothchart.com/tooth-charts/  if you're having health problems, please do some due diligence and research the links on your own.  Your health is priceless, and so are your teeth.  Please don't be so quick to amputate them.

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