Ant's in pants

Ant's in pants

In my first full time dental hygiene job, the office was located in a Publix strip plaza.  Often times I would do my grocery shopping but this particular day was especially beautiful for Florida.  It was a spring day with low humidity and those don't come by too often.  So, I thought I would enjoy being outside a little and had my lunch sitting outside the back door on the cement slab.  

After lunch, I immediately brought back my patient and started going through the usual questions.  Right then I started to feel a burning sensation near the "nether region" if you know what I mean.  It kept getting worse and I was trying to be professional but it wasn't working out.  I excused myself and ran into the bathroom, yanked my pants down, and sure enough, there were ants in my pants.  Quite a few actually.  I succeeded in killing them but not after they had a serious feast on my flesh.  I casually strolled back into my operatory and the lady asked me what happened.  I tried to say I had ants in my pants as non-nonchalantly as possible and she busted out laughing!  She thanked me for making her day :o)  What can I say, I'm a full service dental hygienist--comic relief and all!

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