8 Health benefits of natural and chemical-free oral hygiene

8 Health benefits of natural and chemical-free oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is an important part of each person's daily life. Since it's such a necessary regime, the market is flooded with thousands of products related to oral health. Every one of these products claims it is the best, but who is telling the truth? While a general answer is that different products can work well for different individuals, it's universally accepted that natural mouthwash and natural toothpaste brands offer many more benefits than traditional products.

These natural oral products like Simply Silver Mouthwash are safer, more effective, and cause minimal discomfort compared to the harsh chemicals used in traditional oral hygiene products. Making the switch can be a significant lifestyle change. You may have questions about the logistics of traditional pastes and washes versus natural. You deserve to know the important differences between these before taking any action.

8 Health Benefits of Natural and Chemical-Free Oral Hygiene

1. Natural Toothpaste Is Gentle on Mouths, Harsh on Germs

Some people are susceptible to oral sensitivity. Sometimes sensitivity occurs over time from brushing with medium/hard bristles or brushing too roughly. Others are simply born with sensitive teeth and gums. For those who have dealt with this for a long time, natural oral health products will provide long-term relief from sensitivity by replenishing and repairing the gums and enamel. Natural products can help build the protective layers we need in our mouths.

You can also find far gentler products in natural mouthwash and toothpaste brands like Simply Silver Toothpaste. There can be a few ingredients that cause an oral hygiene product to be unnecessarily harsh, but the biggest culprit is the presence of alcohol. For a great gentle cleansing option, we recommend our Spearmint Nano Hydroxyapatite Formula mouthwash. Nano Hydroxyapatite is far superior to fluoride and inhibits the development of caries. Our mouthwash also includes colloidal silver, baking soda, xylitol, and coconut oil.

2. Natural Mouthwash Offers Hydration and Repair

Not only is it gentle and effective on sensitive teeth and gums, but lots of natural toothpaste and mouthwash brands have a conditioning effect. These will hydrate the oral tissue and help it repair itself from any damage the tissue has sustained. Chronic dry mouth, or xerostomia, can happen for a variety of reasons, from medications to lifestyle choices. One of the leading causes of xerostomia is the regular prolonged use of alcohol-based mouthwashes.

Using alcohol-based mouth rinses and washes can actually decrease saliva production over time. This is detrimental as it can negatively affect overall oral health. Saliva helps protect the mouth from health issues with the teeth and gums, namely gum disease and cavities. If saliva production isn't ample enough, the mouth will be at risk for several oral problems. For great natural toothpaste, we highly recommend our Simply Silver line. There are mint, spearmint, and cinnamon flavors available.

3. No Antibiotic Resistance

Alcohol is a harsh but effective germ killer and is excellent for short-term results. Did you know that if we continue to use alcohol-based products, over time our bodies will develop a resistance to their germ-killing aspects? This occurs because the alcohol kills all of the good bacteria and the weak bad bacteria, but cannot kill the resilient bacteria. This means that after repeated use, all that's left is that resilient bacteria that will multiply and become harder to eradicate.

A high-quality non-alcohol-based mouthwash will have essential oils in its ingredients list. These oils are shown to diminish the risk of gingivitis far more efficiently than their alcohol-based counterparts. This is because it does everything alcohol can without the harshness or the potential for bacteria to become antibiotic-resistant. 

4. No More Pain/Discomfort

Alcohol-based mouthwashes are incredibly common on the market, as plenty of well-known brands use alcohol in their formula. Most everyone who has used common mouthwashes is familiar with the eye-watering burning sensation each time they use it. For some of us, that burn is so harsh it discourages us from continuing to add mouth washing to our daily routine.

Mouthwash is important because it helps to decrease the risk of diseases like gingivitis (gum disease). Purchasing a natural mouthwash with no alcohol in the formula is a better idea all-around. It's less painful, less harsh, and doesn't cause dry mouth. Most importantly, however, is that natural products do not contain any ingredients that our bodies can build resistance to. The truth is that our bodies respond far better to natural antibacterial products.

5. Lessens Damage to Tissue

Some of the most common ingredients in commercial brands can actually be detrimental to our health. This is especially true if you are someone with a compromised immune system or illness such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and cancers (because of the chemotherapy). This is because someone with a compromised immune system simply won't have the antibodies available to fight off resilient bacteria.

Even if someone avoids the risk of gum disease, they can't get away from the harshness of synthetic ingredients. Oral irritation can occur and strip us of our good bacteria and protective enamel. These ingredients will break down the protective mucin layer in our oral cavity. They can expose the underlying epithelium and increase the risk of aphthous ulcers. With our line of products, you won't find any of these harmful ingredients anywhere. We use only the highest-quality natural ingredients.

6. More Substantial Protection

All those essential oils and minerals found in high-quality natural toothpaste and mouthwashes are great for our bodies because the ingredients are natural rather than synthetic. This means they won't be harsh on our fragile oral systems. These natural options don't stop at just cleaning the mouth, they have additional benefits. With the presence of essential oils like we have in our Simply Silver products, you'll experience all-encompassing protection that commercial brands could never provide.

Natural mouthwashes and pastes that contain no preservatives still offer ample antibacterial properties, but they also have anti-inflammatory properties as well. Additionally, they provide you with antifungal and antimicrobial protection. This is far beyond anything those well-known cheap brands can do. You can't go wrong choosing any of our shop items as they were created with the aim of providing the most protection without the harshness of synthetic ingredients.

7. Zero Mysteries

With natural oral hygiene products, there won't be any ingredients that are questionable or unknown. If you take a look at any of the labels on commercial brands you'll not only find a lengthy list of ingredients, but most of them you might not even recognize. This is concerning when you think about putting these products in your mouth. You deserve to know what you're using and feel good about using it when you familiarize yourself with that ingredients list.

You'll know a natural brand is high-quality when it only has a few ingredients rather than pages of them. You should also be looking for essential oils, minerals, and maybe even extracts from foods such as walnuts in the ingredients list. At our store we are up-front about our ingredients, we only use the very best ingredients, and you'll commonly find essential oils and minerals in our products.

8. Improved Health Beyond Oral

Did you know that your oral health is a great measure of your body's overall health? The mouth is incredibly sensitive and it's easy for issues with oral health to manifest in other areas of the body. This is especially true with anything that affects the oral mucosa. The mucosa refers to the mucus membrane that covers the skin inside your mouth, mostly around the cheeks and lips. If an infection were to occur at the mucosa, that's bad news.

Inflammation can quickly occur in any other area of the body from a mucosa infection. This is because the oral mucosa is very closely connected to the bloodstream and draws a direct pathway to it. Just like everything else in our mouths, it's extremely sensitive and can easily be harmed by harsh scrubbing or synthetic ingredients. Any of our products are guaranteed to protect even the most sensitive mouths with no risk of dry mouth, no antibiotic resistance, no discomfort/pain, and ample protection.

Main Ingredients To Avoid

Alcohol is the number-one culprit for a lot of the complications that accompany commercial oral hygiene products. It is too harsh, dries out the mouth, and causes mouth bacteria to become resilient. Artificial sweeteners or coloring are good to avoid, specifically titanium dioxide, saccharin, and sorbitol.

Aspartame, triclosan, fluoride, and sodium lauryl sulfates are also common ingredients that people have begun to notice are problematic. It's a good idea to also avoid carrageenan, Cocamidopropyl betaine, propylene glycol, and parabens. A lot of these ingredients have been studied and found to produce a myriad of problems. These issues can be anywhere from ADHD symptoms in children to elevated blood pressure and cancer risks.

There are as many different toothpaste and mouthwash brands as there are different people in this world. When every one of them claims to be the best it can get confusing. We hope this list of benefits has shown you it's much more rewarding for your health to go with natural, chemical-free products. Visit us at Simply Silver Mouthwash today to see the full list of our products so you can get started giving your mouth the care it deserves!



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